Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More iPHone Magic Photos

Here are some recent pix from the Digital Diva in no apparent order.

Baldwin Beach sunset was taken long after dusk - HDR applied in PhotoForge along with vibrance and sharpening. Frame from Frame Muse app. Yep that's the moon up in the sky there.

Finger painting of this flower taken on the Scott Kelby Photowalk in Lake Tahoe done in Photo Forge. Let me just say that this technique is very time intensive but so worth it. And it was taught to me by the Digital Dude, my handsome photographer mate, Dewitt Jones.

This high Sierra Meadow shot was manipulated in Photogene, then used ShockMyPic app.

Finally, this shot has not been worked at all -just a straight iPhone shot of me and my good cowgirl friend, Theresa, just before we climbed on our horses to ride high into the Sierra Nevada mountains. As my good friend and National Geographic photographer Rikki Cooke says "It's the core gesture." Look for his seminar in April in Hawaii (co-taught by Dewitt Jones and fine art photographer Theresa Airey) at beautiful Hui Hoolana.

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