Friday, October 23, 2009

Trees at my window, window trees.

Digital Dude here. I was in Kansas City this week. Lovely fall view from my hotel. Great experience, but not much of a photo (see below). Ah, but we live in the age of the iPhone!

Brought the photo first into PhotoForge and did a little HDR on it. Then into Effects Touch and inversed part of the back ground to add color. Then into ArtistsTouch and painted it with chalk and an exacto knife. Into EdgePix for the framing, and finally into Photogene for the caption. There you have it! As I seem to say far too often on this blog -- 2 much fun!

From this...

To this...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vivid Southwest iPhone Photo Art Pix

Digital Diva here. More Southwest images - from pastel to vivid color! Used DXP Double Exposure app, Brushes app + Vihgo.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pastel Photo Painting On The iPhone

Hi photo pals - Diva here. As the Dude said, we rode our lil phones hard and put them up wet while in Phoenix, so get ready to see more Southwest images. I've always loved the pastel tones in that region from pale sage to aqua to sandstone pink. In celebration, I created these three collages (along with literally HUNDREDS more). I used DXP, Brushes, and Collage as the apps. All the photos were taken and processed on the iPhone.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Days are Just Packed!

Dude here, speaking for both of us. The Diva and the Dude had some down time here in Phoenix after a talk I had to give. Down time, you say? Not when we have our iPhones with us! Who knows what we did to make these images?!

Mine, the one with the birds and the one with the night time trees in the background, were made on two apps new to us -- Effect Touch and PicMix. Both are excellent, allowing one to blur the transitions between layers and to paint in effects where you choose.

Diva's images (the other two) were made mostly with DXP (double exposure) and many, many layers.

Hope you enjoy looking them even half as much as we enjoyed making them!!!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Double Trouble

Digital Diva here. Oh yes, I am in trouble now - Double Exposure trouble that is. I'm using DXP, the double exposure app with blend modes along with FotoMuse to create some of my favorite iPhone images yet. And I'm not stopping at double exposures - some are triple and even quadruple. I'll post some here and some over at the Digital Diva site. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Eye on Art

Digital Dude here. Long boring flight from Reno to Chicago. But not to worry, I had my trusty iPhone! Opened a shot of ferns (taken on a "big" camera) in Gooey Faces and mushed it around. Then manipulated it further with ShockMyPic. Then...brought the image up in ArtistsTouch and used the Exacto Knife and the oil paint brush to scratch the background and paint the foreground fern. Then...brought it up in FotoMuse and added a layer which gave me the woman's face and eye. Then...brought it up in Light and added light from the eye. Then....brought it up in Photogene and did a little digital darkroom work (levels, saturation, sharpening, etc). Finally....brought it up in EdgePix and gave it a watercolor edge. THEN.... was time to land in Chicago!



Thursday, October 1, 2009

Georgia Is Still On My Mind

Digital Diva here - I just can't seem to stop using the Gooey Faces app, especially on flowers. I no longer mind waiting in long Costco lines or for my doctor when she's running late. I live for those moments when I can melt images. I think Georgia (O Keefe) would understand. I do bring the images into Photoshop for a little Topaz Clean and Imagenomic Noiseware Professional to clean them up. Plus a little Shockmypic on the yellow calla lily. Here are some of the latest.