Sunday, October 4, 2009

Eye on Art

Digital Dude here. Long boring flight from Reno to Chicago. But not to worry, I had my trusty iPhone! Opened a shot of ferns (taken on a "big" camera) in Gooey Faces and mushed it around. Then manipulated it further with ShockMyPic. Then...brought the image up in ArtistsTouch and used the Exacto Knife and the oil paint brush to scratch the background and paint the foreground fern. Then...brought it up in FotoMuse and added a layer which gave me the woman's face and eye. Then...brought it up in Light and added light from the eye. Then....brought it up in Photogene and did a little digital darkroom work (levels, saturation, sharpening, etc). Finally....brought it up in EdgePix and gave it a watercolor edge. THEN.... was time to land in Chicago!



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