Friday, March 26, 2010

Enter The Matrix

Digital Diva here. As many of you know, I am a huge fan of the Ezimba iPhone app. It has more manipulations and filtrations than I've been able to explore. But I'm workin' on it.

My latest foray into the wilds of Ezimba took me to a section called Enter The Matrix. I entered and got happily lost layering matrix effects on various images. Piet Mondrian, a Dutch 20th century painter, is one of my favorite artists and these pieces echo his abstractions to me. This first image was a tree with falling snow.

Next, I matrixed a tropical sunset photo from the coconut grove beach here on Moloka`i.

This is the most abstract (and my favorite, since it feels the most like Mondrian.) The original photo was a blur or drive-by of fall foliage in American River Canyon between Placerville and Lake Tahoe, CA.

This is a matrixed fall aspen tree driveby or blur. I also layered it with an aspen leaf - double exposed in DXP app.

This laua`e fern image is from our garden here in Hawai`i. I photographed it on the sepia setting of my camera, then increased the contrast (a la Brett Weston) and sharpened it. Lastly, I brought it into the iPhone and it went through the matrix.
Sunrise at Moomomi Beach.

And the last image is a double exposure of a matrixed photo of Sierra wildflowers and a photo of butterflies - created with DXP app.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Art at 35,000 feet!

Hi, Digital Dude here at 35,000 feet, somewhere between Philadelphia and Las Vegas. Ah, time to tweak some images!

Started with a shot I’d taken out the window as we landed in Philly two days ago.

Then I searched out a shot of sunflowers that I had taken a long time ago in France (with a big boy camera)

Put the two together using DXP (Double Exposure) with the Inverse blend mode. Notice how the original color come through only in the lower left where the water of the first photo is almost black. Also in the upper quarter of the frame both left and right, where there are dark trees in the first photo.

Next, I brought the image into Photogene, where I change the levels and bumped up the saturation and sharpness.

Finally, I brought the image into Fotomuse and added both a layer (which, in this case, gave it a golden hue) and a mottled black boarder.

There, that didn't take long. Ooops, got to go, we're landing now!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Somethin' Fishy Going On With My iPhone

Digital Diva here. Living on a tropical island means being surrounded by water filled with all manner of colorful fish inspires me to accentuate their color and form with my iPhone (and no, I did not take my phone underwater.) I did app the heck out of my fish photos with Vihgo, DXP, Photogene, Edgepix, Shockmypic, and probably more iPhone apps that I can't recall just now. My iPhone has become a virtual aquarium!