Monday, December 21, 2009

Go Antiquing With Your iPhone

Digital Diva here. I love going antiquing with my iPhone. No, I'm not talking about buying furniture here. I love creating an "aged" look to my photos. Fotomuse is a terrific app for this process with it's rough borders and layers.

This first photo I took last week of giant ferns up in the Kamakou rain forest here on Moloka`i. I brought the straight shot into FotoMuse and selected this border and layer with tint to age it.

I shot this tree out at Papohaku Beach on the West end of Moloka`i where the Dude and I had gone to shoot the big waves. The waves were HUGE but they were closing out into total whitewater, so we didn't get many great wave shots after all. Still as long as we have our iPhones we are never at a photographic loss. I turned the tree into a faux infrared with the Camera Bag app. I then used the same border/layer combo in FotoMuse as I used for the ferns. I love the shot and also plan to use it in a future double exposure - its such a great "set waiting to happen" shot.

This photo of a large anthurium blossom with curving ferns I turned into a pencil sketch in Ezimba. I double exposed it with the DXP app with a washed outt photo of ferns in this post. The ferns were actually red and green in color, so the overexposed photo gives some pink and pale green tones. I then brought it into FotoMuse and selected the border. How old can you go???????

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