Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Rose is a rose is a rose until you iPhone app it!

Digital Diva here. The Dude and I were walking through Santa Fe last summer and I snapped a photo of climbing roses against an adobe wall, knowing that someday...........

Sure enough, I downloaded it into my iPhone and apped away. Can you guess which apps go with which photos? Some used more than one. Apps I used were Vihgo, Shockmypic, ArtCamera, and Photo Finish. (And one has Edgepix which sadly is no longer available.) Give it your best shot!

Rose 1
Rose 2
Rose 3
Rose 4
Rose 5
Rose 6
Rose 7


  1. Rose 1 - ShockMyPic

  2. Exactly right - Rose 1 is ShockMyPic. This app is also available as a stand alone program for your computer to tweak images from your "real" camera.