Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tooning Up With Color in Toonpaint

Hi all. Digital Diva back as promised with color added to iPhone Toonpaint images. My favorite method is to use DXP, a double exposure app, and combine the original color image with the Toonpaint black and white. I like using DXP because it has multiple blend modes, which can change the color added from vibrant like the sunflower below...

to just a hint of color as in this pale pink freesia...

to a more half and half blend as in this torch ginger...

to a totally "unreal" but wonderful color image like this inverted vase and flowers using the Difference blend mode in DXP. Just experiment and find out what blend modes work best with with images for you.


  1. Are you doing these completely on your iphone or pulling them into Photoshop? Toonpaint and DXP are both iphone apps?


  2. I did these completely on my iPhone - took the photos and used the apps. ToonPaint and DXP are iPhone apps. No photoshop involved - DXP has a fair amount of the blend modes, so you can do a lot with it.

    The only time i "need" photoshop is if I want to later enlarge my iPhone pix for a big print.