Sunday, August 9, 2009

Good Frame/Great Frame

Digital DUDE here with a fun example of "going after the shot". Recently I bought some balloons at a garden shop. As I was leaving, I noticed a large reflective silver ball on a stand (the kind I occasional see in gardens and always wonder, "Why?"). Grabbed my iPhone...

...and took a rather silly shot of my reflection with balloons. Started walking back to the car and, as the iPhone was still in my hand and at the ready, I kept right on playing. First with my shadow...

...then... Wow, look at that!

One of the balloon strings wandered into the frame on the morning breeze......OK, follow that...can I make it part of the composition?

That's better... OK, try it again... we're getting somewhere!

Bring the shot into Photogene for a little tweeking with levels and saturation. Add a fun frame and Voila! All done before I even got back to the car. Cool.


  1. Dewitt: I'm an old Denver friend of Jay Margulies and hope to go to your shindig at the Apple store next week. I got pretty excited when I saw that you're a friend of Dick Durrance, and would be grateful if you could get his brother's phone number and/or e-mail address for me. My name is Vinnie Oakes. David Durrance and I lost touch, but have known each other since the 60's.

    Hope to see you @ Apple.