Saturday, August 29, 2009

High Sierra iPhone Art

The Digital Diva and the Digital Dude had a fabulous time camping in the High Sierra and the White Mountains. Here's a few iPhone pix from the Diva; stay tuned for pix from the Dude, coming soon.

I painted the Digital Dude working on his iPhone in Photoforge after tweaking for faux HDR and vibrance. Finished it off with Color Comic filter in Cinema FX.

Here's a straight shot of Tuolumne Creek after sunset. Note the coldness of the light and blocked up shadows. But no worries - it's Apps to the rescue!

In Photogene, I warmed the color temperature up. Then off to Photoforge to sharpen, HDR, and vibrant the bejeebers out of it.

Photoforge was also used to paint the image below. While I have to admit that I am really enamored with the paintings right now, it doesn't work with every image. It certainly didn't help this one. I remember when my girlfriend Theresa took a watercolor class and when she tried to paint rocks, they came out looking like potatoes. As do these.

I ran Shockmypic on this unpainted version of the image - I like this better.

Stay tuned for more high altitude iPhone art in the days to come, as soon as we dig out from work stuff.

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