Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pool Time in Las Vegas - Digital Photos

Hi all. Digital Diva here. While the Digital Dude was in the Midwest, I was soaking up the rays (read FRYING alive) in Las Vegas. While cooling myself between conference sessions at the resort pool, I couldn't help but notice a few surreal moments. I photographed them on my Lumix LX-2 digital camera. I enhanced the already weird feel of them with some of my favorite Photoshop plugins.

For this one, Cabana Channel Change, I enhanced it with Topaz Clean by Topaz Labs.

I used Lucis Pro for this shot of two chairs "watching" TV.

Topaz Simplify gave me the look I wanted for the "Pool People on Safari". This one is my favorite because of its Rousseau goes to Las Vegas look.

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