Thursday, September 10, 2009

Confessions of an Appaholic

Hello, my name is Lynette.......and I'm an appaholic. I am likely addicted to iPhone apps in the service of Digital Diva photo art. And at 99 cents to 2.99 a pop, I'm not likely to want rehab anytime soon. I photographed a rose and proceeded to app it every which way but loose.

I started with a straight iPhone photo of a rose.

I then fired up one of my favorite apps: 101 PhotoEffects. I tried making it black and white and adding the rain effect.

I solarized it in the same app.

I embossed it using Bumpmapping 2

I used Water filter in the same app. It's so versatile!

I then used burnt paper to create this old photo look.

Then I went on to use the app DXP - a double exposure app that allows a multiplicity of blend modes! Now I combined the rose with another shot of a white rose.

This is a little more complicated. I shot a photo thru a kaleidoscope -then used Face Melter to make a multi colored pattern background shot. I combined it with the rose in DXP.

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