Monday, November 16, 2009


Hi, Digital Dude here with a fabulous new site for you to check out. It's called Animoto and it makes incredible slide shows out of your images, be they from the iPhone or your big boy cameras. Pay a small fee ($30 per year), upload your images, choose their music or upload your own. Click! And they put together a spectacular graphic slide show in sync with the audio. You can play it on the net at their site, upload it to Youtube, or download a high resolution file for making into a DVD. Click above and check it out for yourself. This is a show I made using some of my favorite iPhone images. Let me know what you think! (If you should choose to sign up for Animoto use my referral code: uextanqo and you will get $5 off)

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  1. Dewitt: Your images and creativity are just amazing! Together with this slide show, it is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing your images. Your and Lynette's work has been so instructional and inspirational to me. As soon as I read your column in OP, I started looking forward to your new entries on your blog. Both of your images really get my creative juices going (got juice?). Thanks! Judy Norton