Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lockton Loaded: iPhone Art That’s All In The Family

Yep that’s right! A whole family of iPhone artists has just shared some images with us! Check these out:

Lindsay Lockton took this wild photo by shooting subsequent photos displayed on iPhones - kind of a mirror reflected in a mirror reflected in a mirror......... How creative is that?

Her Mom, Kelly, shot this fabulous photo of cowboys and proceeded to tweak it in the following apps:
1st- Perfectly Clear to brighten up the picture, added more color vibrancy and over sharpened a bit.
2nd - PhotoForge to crop, adjusted the Vibrance again and "Posterized" it.
3rd - Photogene to frame it.
4th - ArtCamera, used the crumpled paper filter.

And dad Ron, the most recent iPhone convert in the family, “shot and shocked” this photo of Kansas City's autumnal splendor. He calls it simply “Midwest in Fall.”

The Lockton family by their own description have become official iPhone art addicts. And we’re so happy they are.

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