Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Time out of Time

Digital Dude here. Lynette and I spent the weekend at the Hotel Lanai on the island of the same name. It's a classically beautiful Hawaiian inn; low key, rustic elegance, great food, true aloha spirit. When I wasn't playing golf, I spent my time making iPhone photos in the hotel's gardens. I then uploaded my favorite images to Animoto, added some local music and created an instant homage to a wonderful weekend. Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Just plain over the top. Hope it goes big on U-tube!
    Karen D.

  2. You guys continue to impress me with your "joie de vivre" and your spirit of aloha. You are both masters of creativity in your own rights. Dude, I really miss hearing you laugh and I miss seeing your beautiful Diva do the Hula. You are both having way "too much fun" with those iphones instead of your big dog cameras. I never thought the Dude would blog and I am so so SO!!! elated that whatever happened to cause this beautiful blog actually happened. I wonder what a "drive by" would look like with an iphone? Keep up the great work. You really make me smile and remember the incredible couple of creative "kahunas" that you really are. A big WOW! and mahalo noa.