Thursday, January 21, 2010

Floral Fixation in iPhone Photos

Digital Diva here. I love flowers, especially when you can art them up with iPhone apps. For this shot, I used ArtCamera to invert a shot of pink rose blossoms. then I ran ArtCamera's Picasso filter. Edging/framing and lettering over the photo are from FotoMuse app.

I took a photo of a sunflower head lying on my patio table. (Okay, it was lying there because I put it there, whatever.) Anyway, I optimized it in Photogene with a little extra saturation, ran the Picasso filter in ArtCamera, did edging in either EdgePix (no longer available) or Crop N Frame, then ran the Rusty filter in Vihgo app. Whew!

And finally, took a shot of an amaryllis and arced it in iDroste app. I double exposed that image with the original image of the amaryllis. Then the framing as above - and finally ran the Canvas filter in Vihgo app.

Stay tuned for more of my floral fixation in the future, because I'm surely not done yet! You can find more cool digital art pix from me and my photo buddies on my other site The Digital Diva.

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