Saturday, January 30, 2010

Three from the Dude

Three fun ones from the Dude. First is an image I took in the Saint Louis airport -- a girls waits for a late plane. Brought it into ArtistsTouch and ran Picasso on it. Then brought both the original image and the ArtistsTouch image into PicMix and painted back to girl's face from the original image. Brought the resulting image into HDRcam and worked some faux HDR magic on it. Then into Fotomuse to add the woman's face on the left. Finally into Crop'n'Frame to add a complimenting frame.

Earlier I'd given a lecture to the Disney Corporation. Hanging in front of an office was a photo of Walt himself printed on a sheer piece of fabric. I grabbed a quick photo through the fabric with the office in the background. Took it into ToonPaint and converted it to a marvelous graphic. Added colors in ToonPaint and then framed it in Crop'n'Frame.

Finally, an image I took this morning from my daughter's house in the low Sierra. This is actually a 3 panel HDR panorama. Took two images of each of the three panels (over and under exposed) and blended them together on Pro HDR. Then stitched the three results into a Panorama on AutoStitch. Finally brought the whole image into Photoshop (I know, cheating) and painted it with a filter called Simplify by Topaz Labs. (click the image to see it larger)

How many times have I said it -- Too Much Fun!

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