Thursday, January 14, 2010

Honolulu Morning

Digital Dude here. Morning coffee on a trip to Honolulu last week. Looked across the patio to see a young girl reading the paper. Lovely graphic and harmony of colors. Grabbed a quick shot before she looked up.

Brought the shot into ArtCamera and ran the filter "brush strokes" on it. Then brought it up in Photogene to straighten and brighten it.

Then brought it up in Edgepix and ran the filter "rough painted edges"

Finally, one more time in Edgepix and ran "square faded edges"

Probably should have just walked over and asked for her email address so I could send it to her. Yeah, right...


  1. If you had you couldn't have shared all those wonderful apps with us. So thank heaven you are getting old like the rest of us. Thanks for sharing...and it wasn't even moving water. Keep up the great work Dude!

  2. Is Edgepix still available? Couldn't find it...

  3. Alas, Edgepix is no longer available. I'm working on how to replicate the effect with other apps and will let you know.........
    Lynette (Digi Diva)

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  5. Nice finish. Now, could you explain how to do this the old fashion way, in PS?

    Jimitoucan, heading for CR

  6. Hmmmmmmm how to do this in PS. Dewitt's ArtCamera shot of the girl could be done somewhat similarly in Topaz Simplify 2 plug in, and you'd need some kind of edge program. So needs more than just PS i guess. As for my O' Keefe stuff - probably Liquify could work in PS.